Easy Street Shoes Website Review & Ratings + Easy Street Shoes Coupons
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Easy Street Shoes Website Review & Ratings + Easy Street Shoes Coupons

Easy Street Shoes: Products & Services

Easy Street Shoes, know for its attention to comfort technology and stylish shoes, not only sells its products through numerous e-commerce sites, but also hosts its own webpage.  While many style options are available on the other sites selling its products, the Easy Street Shoes site offers a few things those sites cannot:

  • Shoe sizes ranging from 5 to 12
  • Shoe widths in 4 sizes
  • Free UPS Ground shipping on purchases
  • Products organized according to style (i.e. Boots, Sandals, etc.)
Easy Street Shoes: Company Background

Easy Street Shoes has been developing its footwear for fifty years. The company itself is based out of New Hampshire, and it has been selling its products through its own website as well as through sites like Amazon.com and Shoebuy.com. Easy Street Shoes prides itself on designing fashionable shoes that are remarkably comfortable and can be worn all day long.

Easy Street Shoes: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Easy Street Shoes website does not provide links to customer feedback.  However, many of the sites that also sell its products do have reviews regarding the products themselves.  On Amazon.com, for example, numerous reviews are available for a wide variety of styles. 

1 and 2 Star Reviews: Common Themes

  • Complaints of color not matching website picture
  • Complaints of sizing not being as expected
  • Complaints of price being too high given the quality of the material
  • Complaints of shoes not holding up well with day-to-day wear

3 and 4 Star Reviews: Common Themes

  • Accolades regarding sizing
  • Accolades regarding pricing
  • Accolades regarding comfort
  • Moderate complaints regarding specific issues related to consumer foot shape and particular style of shoe (i.e. narrow heels, so strap slides)
  • Moderate complaints regarding length of time to break in shoes

5 Star Reviews: Common Themes

  • Praise for comfort
  • Praise for color matching
  • Praise for pricing
  • Praise for accurate sizing
Easy Street Shoes: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Although no profile could be found on the BBB website, the sheer presence that the Easy Street Shoes brand name has amongst other e-commerce sites suggest that the actual products themselves meet or exceed consumer expectations.  In fact, many major retail stores carry the brand, including DSW.  So, despite the lack of media coverage, and despite the fact that the website does not advertise any awards or other accreditations, the product appears to speak for itself.

Easy Street Shoes: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

As Easy Street Shoes has products available on many other websites, including Amazon.com and Shoebuy.com, it may not come as a surprise that the popularity of its website is not particularly high. Google PageRank, for example, gives it a 3 out of the 10 possible points that can be awarded. Alexa gives the site a US ranking of 303,006, and indicates that the average visitor only spends about 86 seconds viewing the site. As the popularity of Easy Street Shoes comfort technology has given it a solid reputation, thus making the shoes a common name on many other very popular websites, it is not surprising that at this point, Easy Street Shoes own website does not compare to some of the other sites selling its products.

Easy Street Shoes: Social Media Presence

While a search for Easy Street Shoes on Facebook yielded no hits, Easy Street Shoes does have a small presence on Google+. Only a handful of posts exist, but there are a few memebers in its circles. It does also have a small following. Easy Street Shoes' presence on Twitter is much more significant. It tweets far more regularly than it posts on Google+, and it also has three times as many followers on Twitter

Easy Street Shoes does have a stronger presence on other sites that sell its products, such as Amazon.com.  For example, a basic search of Easy Street Shoes yields over a dozen pages of results on Amazon, and most of the products have a significant number of reviews.

Easy Street Shoes: Website Security & Safety

Easy Street Shoes' website assures customers of the security of their transactions.  While the site does use cookies in order to track your shopping cart, for example, it is also careful to put security procedures into place to make sure any customer information is handled appropriately.  Like most other e-commerce sites, Easy Street Shoes does use Secure Sockets Layering, or SSL, to encrypt information that needs to be kept confidential. 

Google's Safe Browsing diagnostic page does not indicate any known issues to have occurred with Easy Street Shoes within the past 90 days, as seen here.

Easy Street Shoes: Pricing & Packages

On Easy Street Shoes' website, the pricing for the shoes range between about $50 and $100, with far more options ranging closer to the $50 mark.  Similar companies, such as DSW.com, has most of its shoes falling within a similar range.

Easy Street Shoes, does, of course, sell its products on other sites.  Some of these sites are able to sell the shoes for a bit less than the styles sold on Easy Street Shoes' site.  Of course, buyers need to be careful: the discounted prices, as found on Amazon.com, are usually for very select sizes.  The more popular sizes are priced very similarly to how the styles on Easy Street Shoes' site are priced.

Unlike many sites, Easy Street Shoes free shipping can make the overall purchase price more reasonable than on some other sites.

Easy Street Shoes: Shipping Rates & Policies

Easy Street Shoes offers free standard UPS Ground shipping on its orders. For an additional fee, other shipping options are available to consumers. Most orders take 1 - 2 business days to process. Overall time from ordering to delivery must take into account the 1 -2 day processing time as well as the shipping time outlined in the shipping option chosen by the purchaser. At this time, Easy Street Shoes does not ship outside of the continental United States. Therefore, there are no international orders available at this time, nor can buyers in Hawaii or Alaska take advantage of this site.

Easy Street Shoes: Payment Methods Accepted

At this point in time, Easy Street Shoes accepts major credit cards. This includes Visa, Discover, American Express, and Master Card. No other payment methods are currently available. Easy Street Shoes does not sell or accept gift cards at this point in time, as well. Easy Street Shoes does remind all buyers to enter their information precisely as shown on their cards. For example, if there is a period after your middle initial as shown on your credit card, fill out the form on Easy Street Shoes exactly the same way. If the entered information does not match 100%, the processing of your order may be delayed or cancelled.

Easy Street Shoes: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

For the most part, Easy Street Shoes return and refund policies are fairly typical.

Returns and Refunds

  • Online purchases are eligible for returns
  • Buyers have 30 days to make the return
  • Refunds will not include shipping charges
  • Returned items must be in new condition (in original packaging)
  • Refunds will be issued according to the original method of payment
  • A return form must be included with the item
  • Customers are responsible for paying for return shipping

Size Swap

  • Shoes are eligible once for a size swap
  • The size swap portion of the return form must be filled out and sent in with the item
  • Customers must pay for the return shipping, although Easy Street Shoes will pay to have the new size mailed to you
  • Size Swap only applies to a different size of the exact same shoe
  • The item must be returned in new condition (in its original packaging)
Easy Street Shoes: Product images & screenshots
Easy Street Shoes Coupons
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Get Take Up To 15% Off Select Purchases Of Easy Street Shoe Items at Macys @ Easy Street Shoes